Styles of Dance

                       Often associated with musicals such as Chicago or Fame, this class develops technique / floor / center.  You work on balance, turns &
                       extenions related specifically to jazz dance & teach basic musicality, physical, choreographic & rhythmic dynamics.



  Classical Ballet

                       Provides a sound grounding in ballet positions and basic classical ballet movements.  The aim is to develop core strength, ease &                                  openness in the joints & a flexible well balanced body.  It builds a strong centre & combines precision legwork with an ease & fluidity in                        the torso.



  Hip Hop

                       We are proud to announce that the new ATOD Hip Hop syllabus has been released.  A stylized combination of street funk,                                                hip hop & pop similar to styles seen in music video clips for Beyonce, Britney Spears & Usher.




                       A combination of old & new modern tap combos used in musical theatre performance.  Using the ATOD syllabus, once you have                                    completed an exam you are eligible to compete in the NSW State Competitions.



  Tiny Tots

                       Pre-Schoolers aged between 3-5 years learn to dance in a fun and caring environment, developing their skills of co-ordination,                                        musicality and confidence.  Using a specially designed syllabus created by the ATOD students learn the fundamentals of classical ballet                        and jazz, free movements and basic singing skills.  Have your child learn fun bubbly songs along with some great dance moves.




                       A fun, expressive, non-exam class that enhances technique and stretch development through both classical and contemporary ballet.                          For students in Test 3 and above.


  Pop Stars

                       This is essentially a singing class with movements to song, which also incorporates aspects of musical theatre such as performace and                          microphone skills.  The students will learn vocal technique with a highly qualified teacher, including breathing, voice projection and                                techniques to overcome nerves.  Students will learn a variety of styles from contemporary to more classic Broadway pieces.  This is a                            great opportunity for students to try something new!.



  Boys Hip Hop


                       A class just for the guys.  This class offers hip-hop techniques such as popping, lockin, breakdance, freezes, moonwalks and plenty                                more.  




                             Acro is an especially challenging dance style for dancers as it requires them to be trained in both dance and acrobatic skills.  Acro                                  dancers must be in excellent physical condition as well, because acro is a physically demanding activity.  Acro is a very popular                                       dance style at Dance Inc.  Students learn basic to advanced skills as well as stunts. Dance Inc. offers excellent facilities and qulaified                               acrobatic teachers.


  Performance Troupe

                      This class requires students to have a strong technique and a commitment to hard work and good attendance.  Dance Inc. holds                                   an annual audition class to try-out for the Performance Troupes.  A variety of Sydney’s BEST choreographs will be taking                                                   this class.  I believe the diversity of styles from each of the choreographers helps us create routines that are unique and funky and                                 exclusive to the Dance Inc. Studio.




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